Doki Doki! Tama-tan - Tama-tan - 1/6 - Pink Ver. (T's System)Doki Doki! Tama-tan - Tama-tan - 1/6 - Pink Ver. (T's System)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Doki Doki! Tama-tan - Tama-tan - 1/6 - Pink Ver. (T's System)
Scale & Dimensions
Release date
2008 As Limited + Exclusive
Japanese26,243 hits • 58 comments38 likes



Wonder Festival 2008 [Winter] exclusive


Selling her for $100 + shipping in the US. Bought her second hand and came in with leaning issues that I wasn't aware of!
14 days ago
Just got her yesterday. Love her. Out of her two variations, the pink is absolutely my favorite.
Super worth it to pick her up if you see her!
26 days ago
slimegirl29 days ago#84065664Selling for 110 plus shipping <3
Hello! Interested in her but your inbox is full!
26 days ago
Selling for 110 plus shipping <3
29 days ago
Looking to purchase this!!
1 month ago
I would really like to purchase this for a reasonable price. Thank you!
4 months ago
if anyones selling her please let me know!!!! or the black version!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 months ago
FINALLY got her! I still can't believe she's coming home!
8 months ago
Damn ive found her for like 20 bucks at least two times but never snagged her. Never knew she was a rare figure.
1 year ago
Ugh, she's so hard to find!! I won't give up though! :'<

EDIT 17/02: omg... I just won her new in box from Yahoo Auctions Japan for 3000yen!! OMG! I actually can't believe it, I'm so excited!!

EDIT: Finally got around to linking my photos of her to her item page. She's just too cute~! <3
1 year ago