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Selling mine. New and original.
3 months ago
oh my god I need this, I wish I had seen it when it was available reeeeeeeee. I'm no good at painting so the GK is a no-go :C.

If anyone happens to see this for sale please PM me <3
2 years ago
This is amazing :o
3 years ago
where could I find this I wonder
4 years ago
I think they improved the sculpt
4 years ago
20000 yen..fuuuu~
4 years ago
In was always hesitant to get this GK because you weren't really able to recreate the manga image without clear parts for the dress. Well, my patience paid off. I am so happy they made a new version inclusing clear parts :D !
4 years ago
Yaay! Finally clear parts! It was a must for this <3
4 years ago
Memyandi4 years ago#6202763Repost of ITEM #321640 ? Or am I missing a difference (the hair...?)?

I than Sailor Moon you put in the summer "Rabbit & Tuxedo Mask -masquerade2-"
We'll bring.

wait! What is a "2"!

Yes it is becoming "-masquerade2-".
It has been changed from the previous. This is a new application.

It is called What has changed specifically and ...
-Division has changed slightly
· I detail Added
- We gave a combined adjustment of parts
Tuxedo mask-like, it has increased handsome degree
· !!!!!!!!!!!! Clear parts that was roasted
4 years ago
Repost of ITEM #321640 ? Or am I missing a difference (the hair...?)?
4 years ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.



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