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Strike Witches - Sanya V Litvyak - Pillow Case (NyanTYPE)
Release date
07/2010 As Exclusive
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Exclusive item of NyanType Magazine Vol.10


Browsing Mandarake and saw this for 200 yen. HAD to get it. I've been wanting more Sanya merch other than her figures and getting this so cheap is awesome!! ^_^ Years ago I wouldn't have given this a second look, but it's adorable and Sanya is the best. Now I'm using a square pillow, but I'm gonna get one slightly longer pillow just for this case. X3
28 days ago
7 years ago
Just received it, quite different that expected. The colors are very soft and it is a little bit of a sketchy style.

I still like her a lot, going to think about how to display her! :)
8 years ago