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Saint Seiya - Sagittarius Aiolos - HQS (Tsume)
Scale & Dimensions
W=280mm (10.92in)  L=380mm (14.82in)  H=340mm (13.26in)
Release date
11/2018 As Limited
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Limited to 2500 pieces for 399 Euros
Available spring 2018

Orders start the 28 April 2017 at Tsume Shop


Although overall I am happy with the statue, some nitpicking:
-The shadings on the armor give a dirty feel rather than a shiny/shadow effect
-Can't they use a thicker material for the bowstring of the arrow? It feels so fragile
-When displayed with other Saint Seiya HQS, Aiolos is bigger (I am aware that HQS are not scaled so the proportions will not be comparable)
-Statue is lighter compared to previous Saint Seiya HQS. I am not complaining about that but it simply means Tsume is using lighter materials and the price should not keep going up.

Some good things worth mentioning:
-I like the way his wings are inserted to his back. It feels more sturdy and secure than pegs
-He looks good even without his wings
-The wings successfully give him the "aura"
1 year ago
Finally ordered
1 year ago
This REALLY looks good! I think this how HQS statues should be; the character being the center of attention and not just an accessory in the statue.
2 years ago
If Bandai won't give me the Saint Seiya figures I want then I may have to go with Tsume here...
2 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Release him Tsume do it
3 years ago
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