Fate/Stay Night - Master Altria - Seifuku (Grizzry Panda)Fate/Stay Night - Master Altria - Seifuku (Grizzry Panda)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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.WEBMs of the turnaround:

Normal: gfycat.com/Seco...

No Skirt: gfycat.com/orde...

Underwear: gfycat.com/pier...

Skirt Only: gfycat.com/lavi...
1 year ago
I need a PVC of her .___.
3 years ago
dymitr3 years ago#13352232No PVC. Truly a shame.
Let's just be happy this figure even exists
3 years ago
No PVC. Truly a shame.
3 years ago
Please paint so I can continue spending more on Saber than my rent monthly
4 years ago