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Card Captor Sakura - Li Syaoran - Figma #369 (Max Factory)Card Captor Sakura - Li Syaoran - Figma #369 (Max Factory)

Card Captor Sakura - Li Syaoran - Figma #369 (Max Factory)
Scale & Dimensions
H=120mm (4.68in)
Release date
04/17/2018 As Standard
Japanese14,510 hits • 131 comments23 likes



Goodsmile Online Shop bonus
- Embarrassed Face Plate PICTURE #1837088

Orders via Goodsmile Online Shop can be placed between the 28th September 2017 (Thu) from 12:00JST until the 26th October 2017 (Thu) at 12:00JST.


Selected Comments
How I will wake up for the next months until release...

1 year ago
I hope they'll also do a school uniform version

(And school uniform Meiling as unlikely as that may be.......)
1 year ago
Recent Comments
Yayyy my Figma Syaoran finally arrived from GSC!!
I am in love! Gotta say that his sleves sometimes are a pain to pose but slowly you'll get used to it and how to move them. Mine came in mint condition, really perfect and I love the details of his outfit <3
Tried carefully to remove hat but indeed it's impossible so please be careful when you get yours, I have fun posing him as you can balance him and he can stands without using the base (patience for this of course).

I got the GSC bonus and OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! His face is so adorable! <3 <3 So happy I decided to order from GSC. He looks like an adorable puppy I want to hug X3

I love him so much!!

I really hope GSC don't stop there and give us School Uniform Syaoran cos c'mon we got Sakura and Tomoyo...why not Syaoran??
2 days ago
Hmm... seems like if anyone is interested want my pre order from GSC?

I guess you just pay me and I change the adress, I think it should still work since they are still trying charging my card(4th time now) that keeps on getting denied...

I do really want him but when I had the money my card went work but now i need the money lol (long story)
Not sure how longer it can hold be PM me if interested thanks!
4 days ago
Your box lost weight too lol
But other than that YAY LI!!
15 days ago
you can not remove the hat, good movement Max factory...
The perfect excuse to sell us another version -_-
22 days ago
East (29 days ago) #33026605got him today with the bonus, he's absolutely without flaws and I'm truly in love
his hat doesn't seem to be removable and I'm not risking trying lol
The 1st Op Sakura is the same so isn't very suprising hoping they'll will be a school uniform version of both Tomoeda middle and elementary... But hoping they are released slowly...
22 days ago

Anyone who doesn't want him to selling with the bonus faceplate only *lowest possible or trade*preferred please PM me if serious only if willing. Looks like due to GSC not accepting the payment(tried multiple times and not having the money anymore due to recent life situations) I lost my order....... Very sad since CCS means a lot to me as it was my 1st anime.


In the USA here
22 days ago
The exclusive face better look extra cute when he arrives because thanks to import fees this figma has cost me £80 total!!! I knew it was expensive but gosh.
26 days ago
Anyone selling this item w/ the embarrased faceplate bonus???? :'D
28 days ago
East wow
got him today with the bonus, he's absolutely without flaws and I'm truly in love

his hat doesn't seem to be removable and I'm not risking trying lol
29 days ago
Mine arrived today from GSC. I wasn’t expecting him at all! I wasn’t even aware that he shipped! Such a pleasant surprise! I’ve yet to open him, but just looking at him through the box window, I already love him!
1 month ago
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