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Blade Arcus from Shining - Altina Mel Sylphis - Shining Beach Heroines - Swimsuit ver. (Flare)Blade Arcus from Shining - Altina Mel Sylphis - Shining Beach Heroines - Swimsuit ver. (Flare)

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2 months ago
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Shes beautiful. The "gap" is just because her torso is removable so I don't think its a real issue since its only natural for removable sections to have small gaps here and there. Just press the parts tighter together to lessen it. Besides that, her paintjob is borderline flawless and her skin is really smooth. :>
3 months ago
This is my first Flare figure and although I can't deny I was a bit disappointed with the gap issue, I have to say it's still an incredibly beautiful figure. Her face is perfect and the skin tone is one of the best I've seen! The body sculpting is awesome. The painting is great although I did have some small issues. And she also has a smooth finish on her skin just like some Alter's figures which I think is really nice.

Honestly, I think the gaps are not that bad with my Altina. (the biggest gap is in her right side, but the view is partially blocked by her arm, so it doesn't bother me much). Also, I have the impression that the gap issue is fixable somehow, but I haven't figured out what's the best solution yet. I read in a Japanese review blog that they managed to diminish the gap by heating it up and pressing the parts, but I haven't tried this myself, so I can't tell if it's a good solution or not.

All in all, I really loved this figure and I wouldn't give up on her even if I knew in advance that she had those issues.
3 months ago
it's such a shame too. if you look at early pictures of her, the pareo is what initially had seams
4 months ago
Worstluck (4 months ago) #35306215Saw pics of several collectors receiving this figure with very noticeable... Gaps between boobs and bodies, which looks terrible, especially around the armpits...
I recommend checking carefully before getting too excited when the said figure arrives.

See what you mean, the few images up from users look pretty bad in that regard - glad I pulled out of getting her last minute (although my actual concerns included the gaps caused by the arm bands let alone the fissure bellow the breasts). Good to have confirmation from you and those who uploaded that there really is a flaw before ending up changing my mind and getting her anyway, so cheers for that.

Also reviews on Amazon Japan are brutal: www.amazon.co.j...
4 months ago
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