Fate/EXTRA - Saber EXTRA - 1/7 - Idol Koutei ver...Fate/EXTRA - Saber EXTRA - 1/7 - Idol Koutei ver. (Aquamarine)




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013 days agoPrettybarfPrettybarf
I literally thought they didn't both to make a prototype this wonfest again, and I'm so glad I was wrong. only this is I'm unsure about the price since aquamarine hasn't made a figure quite like this yet, maybe 16k or 15k if we're lucky
013 days ago (13 days ago)shilkashilka
Since i am running out of space and with the massive flood of Type Moon figures on the way i have made myself a new rule from now on i will not buying a figure without a weapon and/or in a battle stance

Depending on how this figure turns out i might break that rule since i am sucker for Nero in a red outfit
I only own a single Aquamarine figure so i dont really know how their quality is?
114 days agodymitrdymitr
One óf the best Nero to date.
015 days agoCaptainZCaptainZ
This will break my 1 per character rule...
016 days agoChizuChizu
I hope she won't be to expensive :/ I really love her
017 days agoNiknNikn
I think I love her <3

She looks like the ilustration so much, instead of the whole "put red in classic blue saber clothes and say is Saber Extra"
017 days agoV_RedgraveV_Redgrave
She looks very pretty overall, I hope Aquamarine will show her painted soon!
019 days agoDwDDwD
I desperately need a Saber Extra in my life but not so sure about this one...
Face looks... lets go with odd for now but it might just be because it's not painted yet and there are not enough details.
Also not sure if I want the couch thing
219 days agoKirito_Kun2Kirito_Kun2
119 days agoReizumoReizumo
This one looks like it will be really pretty!
I want more Nero. I was disappointed after Phat gave her a huge head item #549441 such a shame as the kimono is so lovely...

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