Touhou Project - Syameimaru Aya - Touhou Shushuroku Vol. 3 (Toranoana)Touhou Project - Syameimaru Aya - Touhou Shushuroku Vol. 3 (Toranoana)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Diabolo-Menthe Old-school-Goth'boy
This is part of Touhou Shushuroku Vol. 3.
Could a moderator add it in classification ?
Thanks :-)
9 years ago
kilani Sayaka Rank
If you're looking for just this one or a few in the set, we're splitting them individually at this thread in Let's Split Boxes club for ¥778 ea ^^
9 years ago
Upside-down is the best pose. I must have her!
9 years ago
SHAMEIMARU~! I must get her to keep Nitori company! And then hopefully they'll release Momiji so Nitori can hang out with both of her friends~
9 years ago
Ohh, scary scary~
I'm totally going to pose her upside-down.

Available for pre-order at Toranoana: www.toranoana.j...
9 years ago
Your source for old and rare figurines!


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