Love Live! Sunshine!! - Sakurauchi Riko - 1/7 - ...Love Live! Sunshine!! - Sakurauchi Riko - 1/7 - Special 7 ver. (Alter)


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Winner of the 7-Eleven image girl election.



© Alter / Hoshina Eimi / Tobita Takafumi

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13011 months agoWaltZ015WaltZ015
7211 months agoLostPrincessLostPrincess
I was not prepared for this.

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05 hours agogwendal738-2gwendal738-2
... She's only 4th best girl but her beauty makes me want her so bad ;~;
02 days agoPrettybarfPrettybarf
idol (14 days ago) #24219048Kinda reminds me of watermelon...this makes me want to start a watermelon inspired figure display, and I don't even like the fruit
06 days agosailormatlacsailormatlac
YaR1030 (17 days ago) #24114584This Strawberry has Trapped our hearts.

It's the Seven Eleven corporate colors... Now I'm curious to see what the normal Alter lineup will looks like...
914 days agoidolidol
Kinda reminds me of watermelon
315 days agomukyuumukyuu
I'm so glad I don't like this design because honestly I don't have the money for this.
517 days agoabb21aabb21a
the color seems a bit out of place imo
917 days agoYaR1030YaR1030
This Strawberry has Trapped our hearts.
1217 days agolayla-weston90layla-weston90
Trust Alter to do a good job! ^-^ Really happy with the paint job and I adore the colors! ^^ Definitely adding Riko to my collection :D
1117 days agoNaedixNaedix
117 days agoStardustAceroStardustAcero
This is a must buy

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