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Hello all! I'm selling my complete set for $80 AUD (about 6,000¥) shipping from Australia. Pm me if you're interested :)
1 year ago
If anyone is selling her, please send me a PM.
4 years ago
I'm selling/auctioning mine on ebay at $20 staring bid or $30 auto buy :) free shipping included! pages.ebay.com/...
5 years ago
It's much easier now to buy her from Yahoo!Japan. This figure will cost 1500-2500 yen there. I got mine for $22 from an Ebay auction, but I consider myself sort of lucky there.
It's an amazing little figure - pity that her shoelaces are not painted. I ended up painting them myself >_>
6 years ago
If anyone is still looking, please check out my photo as I made a petit style box for this saturn figure in which I believe is very awesome.

I will be making a tuxedo mask version very soon.
8 years ago
If you bought her during the initial series release she would've cost some where in the area of $7-$15. I believe I order her from either Yahoo auctions or eBay auctions several years ago. Now that the figure is no longer in production and the popularity of the character Sailor Saturn the figure has gone way up in value. Also at this time the JPY conversion rate low, but now it is at an ALL time HIGH!

Sailor Pluto is also has a high return value from the same series. Too bad I loss the bottom of the staff. When I boxed the figure I thought I had placed it all together now several years later it's missing. :(
8 years ago
Paulichu Sailor Senshi of Wisdom
I just got mine in the mail today. She's absolutely beautiful and well worth the price! ...although I got her nearly half price. Be patient and keep looking =) Not everyone is charging $40 for her.
9 years ago
jiejie on ice
That's not an error. The price listed here is the price the figure was originally sold for at release, not the current ebay price or whatever.
10 years ago
There's a huge error in the description of this and it's the price. This figure alone costs around 40 usd x_____x
10 years ago