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Sonic the Hedgehog - 10-Inch (Jazwares)Sonic the Hedgehog - 10-Inch (Jazwares)

Sonic the Hedgehog - 10-Inch (Jazwares)
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09/2010 As Standard
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2 years ago
Apparently this isn't the same for everyone but mine has really loose joints. He can't even keep his arms up or stand cause he will fall over, so no posing possible. If the joints were tighter I think I would've had more fun with him.
5 years ago
It really sucks that this guy is always giving the thumbs up. Really really limits your posing options but then again you can't really pose him much in the first place.
6 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
Now, while I agree with some of the things Prinn said; I must say that I actually have this figure and I love it. Whilst the 10 inch Metal Sonic had nice solid heavy feet which made him a dream to pose, it is true that the 10 inch Sonic has hollow feet. BUT thus doesn't detract from the figure, becuase of the fact his head is a hollow vinyl he can stand just fine actually.

He hold poses well, the joints are nice and tight and his sculpt is super accurate. Paint application is beautiful no flaws anywhere, and get this... I ordered him online at big bad toy store. I trust them they always do me good for purchases. Anyway I got him from there he arrived in 10 days in perfect condition and he's a worthy addition to my Sonic Collection. In all honesty if you're a sonic fan or simply someone who just likes Sonic, this makes a great desktop item or something to put on your shelf- he looks absolutely fantastic.

Apart from minor structural design flaws it's actually a really great figure.

And the whole direct light thing, really doesn't apply at all. You need to hold the figure up to direct light and literally have it 10cm from your face to be able to see inside his head and even then you can't really see anything since it's not that translucent to begin with. It's really not that much of an issue, if at all.
7 years ago
breakericThat's really cool for some reason... I... I want it... haha. Where can I get it? Has it been released?
It's supposed to be out at the end of September, but it will probably be easier to find at most Toys R Us's around the middle of October.

It's at TRU now. I wouldn't buy it online though, because while the figure sculpts are generally good and accurate, the paint application can range from decent to just plain horrid. This is why I hate buying figures released for the American market...sigh...

It doesn't show on the picture, but Sonic's head is hollow to lighten the figure weight - but it's hollow enough to be slightly transparent if in a bright room...really cheapens the look of the figure. Also, unexplicably, the made Sonic's feet hollow too, which completely destroys the weight balance, making Sonic unable to stand without posing him just right.

Compared to the previous 10" Metal Sonic which is awesome, this 10" regular Sonic if FAR inferior.

Hey, I just wrote a review :P
8 years ago
That's really cool for some reason... I... I want it... haha. Where can I get it? Has it been released?
8 years ago
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