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Terra Formars - Komachi Shoukichi - HQS - 1/6 (Tsume)Terra Formars - Komachi Shoukichi - HQS - 1/6 (Tsume)

Terra Formars - Komachi Shoukichi - HQS - 1/6 (Tsume)
Scale & Dimensions
1/6  W=370mm (14.43in)  L=290mm (11.31in)  H=350mm (13.65in, 1:1=2.1m)
Release date
11/10/2017 As Limited
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Limited to 600 pieces for 399.00 Euros

Comments30 comments

Mine from Kolektakon is here! I got copy 006/600! Time to get to work on another review! :D
3 days ago
If anyone else is till waiting for an invoice from Kolektakon, I just got a message saying they that just started receiving their shipments of this statue and I can expected an invoice for my remaining balance sometime this weeks.
15 days ago
Selling mine from Paris. I'm a collector since 15 years. Package open to check : everything is brand new : SALE #141378
2 months ago
Is anyone selling their pre-order?

I'm dying to buy this piece!
5 months ago
ChocolateSpider (8 months ago) #22329799So has this been released yet? I pre-ordered mine from Kolektakon and am not sure if this has been delayed or not. No way, A mod must've changed the date of release he is going to release in october.
8 months ago
So has this been released yet? I pre-ordered mine from Kolektakon and am not sure if this has been delayed or not.
8 months ago
9 months ago
Anyone want to sell po spot to an anmerican?
10 months ago
Selling my PO slot, the retailer is Figuya (German company). You will not have to pay for the figure until it is shipped. PM me if interested.
11 months ago
Azaizer (1 year ago) #18154477Oh wow! I didn't know that Prime 1 Studio AND First 4 Figures were also going to be making some Berserk entries! Thanks for sharing all the great info! I got excited to hear that Prime 1 was doing Guyver statues! Sounds like there will be a lot to look forward too! I should start preparing my wallet now! LOL
lol yeah you should prepare your wallet haha. Prime 1 will show some Berserk statues during the Wonder Festival the 19th from what i heard.
1 year ago
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