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Yuri!!! on Ice - Katsuki Yuuri - Nitotan - Plush Mascot (Takara Tomy A.R.T.S)

Yuri!!! on Ice - Katsuki Yuuri - Nitotan - Plush Mascot (Takara Tomy A.R.T.S)
Scale & Dimensions
H=120mm (4.68in)
Release date
03/2017 As Standard
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MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Love him so much!! He actually has some gems on his outfit! <3
7 months ago
Selling my extra Yuri!
Pm me if interested:)
7 months ago
Looking to buy Victor and Yuuri! If anyone is giving up their pre-order(s) PM me!
8 months ago
I know I promised my preorder of this guy to someone, but I've forgotten who and accidentally deleted my inbox messages. If you're them, please respond to me with our message thread from before so I know!
8 months ago
I found this other picture of the plushies and they look so much better here
8 months ago
Giving away my amiami preorder of him and Victor together or separately, PM me if interested!
9 months ago
Kyoya memento mori.
omg :c
okay giving up my Yuuri only please PM interested :D! extra shipping sry if u dont mind
9 months ago
hipozaurus is trying her best!
I give away my pre-order for him on AmiAmi, PM me if interested! (I also have Victor) :D
9 months ago
I never had any Nitotan plushies before so I looked them up and they looked really cute right! It's really sad they only showed prototype art (which looks great!) but the actual plushies are really.. derpy. :/ I feel sorry for them.(Especially Victor..) I preordered them too, so I will have to do with it. x'D I have to say I like the little gemstones on Yuri's outfit!^^

YamiUsagi (9 months ago) #17949706Oh I am too! This style plush is SO CUTE, so I've always wanted one, and I was thrilled when they announced Yoi ones, but these...aren't what I expected. Another reason for me to quit preordering stuff ahaha...
9 months ago
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