Oboro Muramasa - Torahime (Alter)Oboro Muramasa - Torahime (Alter)




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01 month agoDem-FigsDem-Figs Fig Newtons
Sabrinachang (1 month ago) #18857035Guys she'll be like ¥30000
I would buy 2.
11 month agoAxelsaurusAxelsaurus
Sabrinachang (1 month ago) #18857035Guys she'll be like ¥30000

That'd be insane for a regular figure, but if complete this will not be a regular figure. 30k¥ nowadays is like sacrificing a couple of preorders, I think most people can do that for a most wanted masterpiece. I'm obviously speaking hypothetically, we still don't even know if the actual figure will be faithful to this illustration or not. Imho reducing the horse to just its bust as the base of the figure, with a 20-24k¥ price range would be reasonable.
01 month agoFreezasaurusFreezasaurus
Sabrinachang (1 month ago) #18857035Guys she'll be like ¥30000
I'll still buy it. It's not like I buy that many figures anymore.
11 month agoSabrinachangSabrinachang
Guys she'll be like ¥30000
01 month agoYamanekoYamaneko
It's happening, a dream came true... Too bad that I no longer can afford new figures, though :(
51 month agoScatebraScatebra
glockenpop (1 month ago) #18586898
Plastic skeleton inside purple clear plastic.

Just like wallet after paying for her.
01 month agoglockenpopglockenpop
I really hope they make the horse, it's so integral to this figure.

I imagine they make it similar to this:
[ext link ]

Plastic skeleton inside purple clear plastic.
02 months agoCeltic7GuardianCeltic7Guardian
12 months ago (2 months ago)AxelsaurusAxelsaurus
Kibi (2 months ago) #18372520I must admit that I hope that she comes without the horse. For the sake of my wallet.

I absolutely want Torahime ON the horse. The "fused" effect is what I like the most, without it I'd still like her but not as much. However, I'd be pretty satisfied with just the Horse's bust, a full horse could be too much both in price and dimensions. However, I'm always in favour of the double option: a cheaper version without the horse and a full version with the horse.

I'd also love it to be cast-off based on one of my favorite illustrations from Kamitani, but maybe that's asking too much... I can still hope in a future variant though. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Rf1Y047LPhY/UtRKNMI4nMI/AAAAAAAAbWw/nEUkxNkVPuw/s1600/5.jpg
12 months agoRavenWolf1RavenWolf1
I don't know who she is or where she is from, but I'm really interested to see how do they do that horse. I think if they can pull it off good, it is going to be incredibly figure!

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