Overwatch - Tracer - Figma #352 (Max Factory, Go...Overwatch - Tracer - Figma #352 (Max Factory, Good Smile Company)





© Good Smile Company / Max Factory / Asai (APSY) Masaki / Yagyuu Keita / Yamaoka Jun

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624 months ago (4 months ago)KitahKitah
Me waiting to see whos announced next like:

3014 days ago (14 days ago)TwinkieSupremeTwinkieSupreme
I haven't played Overwatch but I'm somewhat familiar with the characters and how they look and in my opinion, the figma looks pretty damned good.

To be honest, you can't copy everything that the Nendoroid has on to a figma. For one, you can't have the hair flip gimmick (which everyone seems to keep talking about here) that the Nendoroid has since that obviously uses some sort of joint to make the hair swivel as if she's blowing it up (though they still could've included a "blowing-hair" faceplate along with an alternate dynamic moving hair piece).

The current faceplates/facial expressions she has already seem good enough albeit not as "expressive" as everyone keeps pointing out. In figma standards, the faceplates she has seems fitting. The faceplates on the Nendoroid look "expressive" since that's the highlight of Nendoroids while figma mostly highlights articulation.

Overall, she looks perfectly fine. She's obviously one of the better non-school girl figma figures out there. It's better than having, say... NECA do an Overwatch line. It's better than Figuarts taking on the line considering the dead looking faces on their figures or Revoltech with their often bad paint QC.

The only complaint I have with this figure is probably the price (even though it's pretty reasonable if you take into account figma Atlas and P-Body's price. Heck, even figma MGS2 Snake's price) and her not having just at least the effect parts (which can be remedied by making your own).

tl;dr. You can't have everything...

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110 days agogoliathfasagoliathfasa
GhostFire (10 days ago) #22147665Ahh I really want her but I preordered the Nendoroid that I no longer want ;A; what do i do
You can always sell it later. I'm sure nendo Tracer will end up in more demand than figma one.
010 days agoGhostFireGhostFire
Ahh I really want her but I preordered the Nendoroid that I no longer want ;A; what do i do
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011 days agogoliathfasagoliathfasa
ArmosKnight (12 days ago) #22042294Price is nuts! It better be bigger than Cherno Alpha or do something crazy if it's that much.
I'd assume D.Va's would be around the 20k mark. I was gonna say "hopefully" but I've become so invested in this idea that I just remembered none of it has happened! xD

Hehe. Yeah let's not get carried away TOO much I suppose... dialing it back a notch :P
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