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Shin Megami Tensei - Pixie - Figma (FREEing)

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Chuchi (2 months ago) #28063140Has this figure come out yet or is there a release date?
Nothing yet it would seem.
2 months ago
Has this figure come out yet or is there a release date?
2 months ago
Just realized she has waist articulation.

Desirability of this figure just shot up by 500%.

They should make it a rule that all figures need a waist joint (looking at you, ZS Samus...).
5 months ago
Painted prototype looks great, will keep an eye for this
5 months ago
looks pretty good, but I had low expectations.
not sure if i want to get her tho. if I did she'd just hang around my D-arts Raidou. but he has some demons already thanks to trading figures and Jac- OMG DUH. It would be funny to have her with nendoroid Jack Frost ! xD
5 months ago
R_Kasahara (5 months ago) #24088708The paint job is absolutely lovely <3
That glossy paint is looking real good :o

Kinda wish they'd go back to 1.0 hands for slender figures though... the ball hinge looks a bit out of place...
5 months ago
She is perfect! I can't wait to see the accessories and the faceplates.

She might be the figma that make me forget my hatred for joints (and they are so visible in those pictures).
5 months ago
R_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
The paint job is absolutely lovely <3
5 months ago
nyugvo6 (11 months ago) #18356826DEMIFIEND WHERE

11 months ago
This is officially the best wonfes ever lol, I hope this continue cause I need figma alice

LunarSkye (11 months ago) #18347948when they make figmas of personas but not actual characters

This is like a deja vu, bandai made d-arts of the summons yet they decided the hero as fzo.
11 months ago
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