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Fate/Grand Order - Tohsaka Rin - 1/8 - Formal Craft (Easy Eight)Fate/Grand Order - Tohsaka Rin - 1/8 - Formal Craft (Easy Eight)

Fate/Grand Order - Tohsaka Rin - 1/8 - Formal Craft (Easy Eight)
Scale & Dimensions
1/8  H=180mm (7.02in, 1:1=1.44m)
Release date
08/2018 As Standard
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I don't care if it's easy eight or difficult nine I'm just so happy at another Rin prepainted figure...............(cries
1 year ago
About Easy Eight - I did a bit of searching, and from what I could gather, the company is headed by a former sculptor from Aquamarine, Yukiusa. I'm not certain I got it right - my Japanese isn't too good - but I referred to these two sources:

Yukiusa's twitter feed: twitter.com/yuk...
A post about 2017 Winter Wonfest: figsoku.net/blo...

Two of the figures this sculptor has produced are ITEM #198483 and ITEM #198020

Can't be sure that these are reliable indicators of the new company's quality, but I guess some clues are better than none.
11 months ago
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I like the design a lot.
She's a bit pricey but I still PO'd
Best Rin figure in a long while.
3 months ago
Something about her makes her look like a figma imo. Not sure if it's the face or her size but wish she was actually in scale with her height. Not too keen on the rods used for crystals either. ;w;
3 months ago
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SuperMilk (3 months ago) #29408881Is this really a 1/8 scale? I own this figure ITEM #263985 which is the same size as this formal craft version and it doesn't really seem like a 1/8 scale size.
180 mm in 1/8 scale would mean that she's 144cm in real life. So yes, she is on the short side.
3 months ago
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