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Fate/Grand Order - Tohsaka Rin - 1/8 - Formal Craft (Easy Eight)Fate/Grand Order - Tohsaka Rin - 1/8 - Formal Craft (Easy Eight)

Fate/Grand Order - Tohsaka Rin - 1/8 - Formal Craft (Easy Eight)
Scale & Dimensions
1/8  H=180mm (7.02in, 1:1=1.44m)
Release date
09/26/2018 As Standard
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I don't care if it's easy eight or difficult nine I'm just so happy at another Rin prepainted figure...............(cries
1 year ago
About Easy Eight - I did a bit of searching, and from what I could gather, the company is headed by a former sculptor from Aquamarine, Yukiusa. I'm not certain I got it right - my Japanese isn't too good - but I referred to these two sources:

Yukiusa's twitter feed: twitter.com/yuk...
A post about 2017 Winter Wonfest: figsoku.net/blo...

Two of the figures this sculptor has produced are ITEM #198483 and ITEM #198020

Can't be sure that these are reliable indicators of the new company's quality, but I guess some clues are better than none.
1 year ago
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I finally got her and she’s beautiful! I was worried about her face initially, but it looks good and the details on her outfit are amazing.
6 days ago
Waaaa BiginJap had her for sale at 10,000 Yen by the time I decided I want her all sold grr!
8 days ago
Ordered just now. Now we wait.....
11 days ago
Got mine today, she looks very nice and I specially liked the gems, but I'm selling her and ITEM #601821
I've close to 500 figures, and space is beginning to be a problem.
I'll sell each for $110 plus shipping. If you buy both, I can make it $200 + shipping.
Both in excellent condition, opened to check it out.
Rin's box is a bit bent, Mordred's is perfect.
13 days ago
dark-freefire (15 days ago) #41263374is she a 8,9 or 10?

I didn't notice big flaws and I love the brown of the hair, with a lot of shadows; reminds me some Stronger figures.

For me can be a 9/10 :)
The base is a plain black circle (she has 2 pegs, one in plastic and a metal one); gems are like prototype and they have 2 heavy simple and transparent bases
15 days ago
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