Berserk - Zodd - Ultimate Premium Masterline  (UPMBR-02) (Prime 1 Studio)Berserk - Zodd - Ultimate Premium Masterline (UPMBR-02) (Prime 1 Studio)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Berserk - Zodd - Ultimate Premium Masterline  (UPMBR-02) (Prime 1 Studio)
Scale & Dimensions
W=667mm (26.01in)  L=513mm (20.01in)  H=892mm (34.79in)
Release dates
09/20/2018 As Limited + Exclusive
09/20/2018 As Limited
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Limitation : regular - 500 pieces | exclusive - 350 pieces

Exclusive version:
- One interchangeable right-hand holding a helmet PICTURE #1792410
- One interchangeable sword holder PICTURE #1792411

EX via Prime1 and Sideshow


If anyone is selling him please pm me.
1 month ago
Coming Tuesday!
1 year ago
Bahaha Kingsley
1 year ago
I was saving up for a new car; but, cars are overrated.
1 year ago
Getting shipped soon! Woooot!
1 year ago
Still unsure whether to get him or not will look amazing with guts side by side. P1 is killing me with berserk
1 year ago
I think this is the best statue Prime 1 has made thus far.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Holy shit this looks gorgeous. Too bad this is 1/4, too big!!! I wish they were making 1/6 statues of Berserk :(((
3 years ago
Having to collect for a few years, one thing that matters more than the price is having the right space for a statue like this.. I Just don't have the space to display these properly with the lighting. I would love to have the 1/10 of the same sculpture. And I'm more impressed on this Zodd than Guts by P1.
Congrats to collectors with the $ and space!
3 years ago
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