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Guilty Gear XX - Bridget - 1/7 (Max Factory)Guilty Gear XX - Bridget - 1/7 (Max Factory)

Guilty Gear XX - Bridget - 1/7 (Max Factory)
Scale & Dimensions
1/7  H=220mm (8.58in, 1:1=1.54m)
Release date
04/2008 As Standard
Japanese76,109 hits • 305 comments62 likes



Selling him in preowned condition, bought him A/B from amiami. Willing to ship to Canada and US. Pm if interested!
3 months ago
Pre-owned A/A condition at 11.2K .
10 months ago
Myka (1 year ago) #27425185His price is pretty stable around that. I bought mine 2 years ago for 15K yen.

Ah it's not that, I was hoping it'd be a bit cheaper as I've already spent quite a bit on figures this month. I'll probably get him next month so I don't spend too much in one month.
1 year ago
gerotic (1 year ago) #27422452Jesus christ 12k yen... I'll have to check back in a few weeks

His price is pretty stable around that. I bought mine 2 years ago for 15K yen.
1 year ago
Myka (1 year ago) #27421100Mandarake has one: order.mandarake...

Jesus christ 12k yen... I'll have to check back in a few weeks
1 year ago
gerotic (1 year ago) #27373410does any website still sell this?
Mandarake has one: order.mandarake...
1 year ago
does any website still sell this?
1 year ago
Gosh, all these comments made me hope a rerelease had been announced for some crazy reason. Sadness.
1 year ago
Fallen-Cloud (1 year ago) #27111775Liking big breasts is seen as normal because society as a whole is perfectly okay with sexualising the feminine form, yet tries it's hardest to keep feminine traits away from males. (See man purses being thought of as ridiculous even though they are simply convenient ways to store your personal belongings, high heels being seen as a woman thing even though butchers used to wear them, dresses being solely made for females.) Society still lacks tact when it comes to those breasts not being made to tantalise, see the shit that breastfeeding women have to deal with.
I like people of any gender, but there's something very interesting about androgynous characters, or males in traditionally feminine poses and clothes. I enjoy Benten because he looks really fascinating and like a piece of art. Aniplex' Ciel in his pompous gown and feminine appearance yet clearly dominant pose is just as fascinating to me.
'Traps' or androgynous characters aren't sexy to me, they are eyecatching in a way that few characters are. They combine typically masculine traits with typically feminine traits, which is so cool from an artistic point of view.
Granted I'm not a fan of Bridget, but that's mostly because the object that he's holding looks weird and his pose and clothes are a bit too simple for me.

I appreciate the reply and i agree with you that our society has this "standard" about sexualising women, some breastfeeding women indeed have to deal with allot of harassment and that is just a terrible thing.
But another reason liking big breasts is seen as normal is because a huge portion of our population are straight males.
Straight males are bound to like them so it's not a suprise most people think of it as normal.
When something is liked by a wide audience it's usually accepted more then things that are liked by a small audience.
Most of my friend's think it's weird that i collect Anime figure's and i don't blame them for it, because i know it's a hobby that's just not for everyone.

There are actually some male purses that are seen as quite fashionable(the ones from Gucci atleast), and skirts (kilts) are still a cultural thing Scotland.
Fashion is also bound to change over the years so you never know how it may look in the future, all though i don't think we will see allot of dude's walking around in dresses any time soon :p
The only trap character i know is Bridget so i have no clue what characters you are mentioning but i appreciate the point you made about the artistic side of it.
Have nice day and thanks again for you're response.
1 year ago
Mariku (1 year ago) #27110726I can argue that it isnt any less weird, as someone who is attracted to both male and females, but prefers feminine presentation and traits. Gives me some of both worlds really. It's no different than people who are attracted to feminine looking jrock stars or anything like that because you dont care for it or find jt attractive doesnt make it weird, or those people weird, just not your taste. perhaps you should remember that phrasing instead of calling people weird.

I'm starting to get the feeling people have a problem with the word "weird"
Maybe i should have kept using the word "Different" because it was never my intention to insult anyone.
What i don't understand is how you can say that liking big breasts is the same as liking traps/shemale's.
Sure, there both just opinions but the reason something like liking big breasts is seen as normal is because around 90% of all straight male's like it.
When something is extremely common it's more likely that people won't think it's weird.
I never said that there is anything wrong with liking something different, but please don't act like trap's are a casual thing to like because that's just not the case.
We all have things about us that set us apart from others, just embrace those things and who care's if there a little weird?
I for instance like Girls that drive motorcycles, is that weird? yes, do i care that it's weird? no, is it the same as liking big breasts? no, because only a very select group of people like it.
I hope that i cleared up any confusion surrounding my comment's
Have a nice day!
1 year ago
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