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Senren Banka - Hitachi Mako - 1/7 (Broccoli)Senren Banka - Hitachi Mako - 1/7 (Broccoli)

Senren Banka - Hitachi Mako - 1/7 (Broccoli)
Scale & Dimensions
1/7  H=245mm (9.56in, 1:1=1.72m)
Release date
10/26/2018 As Standard
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YouTube video does not contain nudity. The full version with the cast off can be found at www.dailymotion...

I am very happy with Mako. I don't know anything about her or her source, other than she is a cute little ninja girl that you can strip! I think Broccoli did a great job on her. In my experience, their figures have been on the small end of the scale, but Mako is actually a quite large 1/7th. I'm also happy the bonus face was only an extra 5 bucks or so, and was actually included in the blister rather than thrown in a baggy in the shipping box. The cast off is also done pretty well, though with her clothes on, her waist joint isn't the most secure. So if you move her, pick her up by the base. Also be careful taking the top off and on. I did get a couple paint transfers on her breasts doing this.

While I think Mako is well done, she's not perfect. My biggest complaint is the fine lines are a tad messy, and you can easily see layering on the white straps on her stockings. Also, her nipples could have used just a bit more pink paint, as they blend in with the rest of her breast. Still I would recommend her to anyone that likes the way she looks!
15 days ago
Shipping was higher than I thought.
17 days ago
*compulsively refreshes email waiting for payment request*

( *__*)
17 days ago
Got the payment request this morning. She'll be on her way very soon!
20 days ago
Yeah! Not all my figures were delayed this month! Excited for Mako to come home!
26 days ago
This one is absolutely fantastic.
2 months ago
Welp, looks like I was wrong. Just checked AmiAmi and she's listed for October now. Also at Milestone, since I've seen that used as a source for date changes here more than at AmiAmi. b2b.mile-stone....
2 months ago
If Mako releases this month (which I believe they will. Broccoli is usually on time), it will by my second month in a row with no delays! Come on Mako!
2 months ago
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