Comments Fate/Grand Order - Ishtar - 1/5 (Anadigi)

  • Really need this one but doesn't look like it'll ever be a reality to own her :< why'd it have to be this limited *sigh*
    2 years ago
    Damn she's totally gorgeous and the size would be so impressive too. I hope we get a solid Ishtar scale soon.
    3 years ago
    pradshaw893 years ago#21810188What happened to her big ass bow?! they got lazy
    3 years ago
    What happened to her big ass bow?!
    3 years ago
    Yes but the other parte of Maanna?
    Kinda like it but I can't color resina figures ;;
    3 years ago
    Anyone going to Wonfes willing to proxy this for me?
    3 years ago
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