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Fate/Grand Order - Saber - Figma EX-041 - Archer (Max Factory)Fate/Grand Order - Saber - Figma EX-041 - Archer (Max Factory)

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Sales at Summer Wonder Festival are limited to 2000 pieces.

Orders via Good Smile Online Shop can be placed between the 30th July 2017 (Sun) from 16:00JST until the 15th August 2017 (Tue) at 12:00JST.

Can only be combined with other Summer Wonder Festival products.


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Mom I'm really out here
tachola (1 year ago) #22497971low key want grand order to die since it feels like theyre just milking the series at this point for the cute girls :/ ...the sabers are cool but i want gilgamesh and (male) lancer figures................
Don't know if you can really be mad at one series for milking in cute girls when you have a love live avatar haha
1 year ago
Can't wait for this shit to die lol
1 year ago
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Looking to sell mine in the US, if interested pm me
25 days ago
Selling Mine $75(plus shipping) New Sealed
10 months ago
Good Smile took my money today. Yay!
1 year ago
Looking to buy; I'm located in Canada, willing to pay international shipping if necessary! Please send me a PM if interested!
Should be fine now!
1 year ago
Selling mine
1 year ago
She's up for preorder at NY: www.nippon-yasa...
1 year ago
Available for pre-order @ Play-Asia.com ($82.99)
Okeno (1 year ago) #24182996In fairness, it is 5500 JPY (after taxes) and they always charged domestic taxes even when shipping to other countries.

True, I forgot about that.

Best thing we can hope for is the imbecile-in-chief down south continuing to drive the value of the greenback down.
1 year ago
In fairness, it is 5500 JPY (after taxes) and they always charged domestic taxes even when shipping to other countries. So the comparison is 5500 yen -> $62.31 CAD vs $49.99 USD ->$62.47 (exchange rates as I type this)

If you have a credit card that doesn't charge a currency exchange fee, that's not too bad.

Don't get me wrong, I still hate it. And it feels like a way to f*** non americans/europeans over because there's zero possibility of saving money if the yen goes down in value. Instead you have to count on the CAD going up in value (not a great proposition normally, although it's looking better these days).

I really wish they'd stop charging domestic taxes on international orders. At least give us that!!!

HoroWiseWolf (1 year ago) #24112577>5000 Japanese Yen equals 56.193 Canadian Dollar
>49.99 US Dollar equals 62.16 Canadian Dollar
Thanks for finding another way to fuck me over, GSC.
1 year ago
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