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Original Character - Skytube - Mizuhara Erika - 1/6 - Racing Girl ver. (Alphamax)

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I really like this blonde character, way back 5 years ago since I started following his Aun cover arts.

This is a link of all her appearances so far (NSFW galleries)

I'd really be happy if one of the other covers that has her solo would make it to a stand-alone figure.

Anyway. It seems that the chest part is removable in this figure...
So I'm thinking that maybe, each of the girls are sold separately, but each package has two bases, one for solo, and one for dual display if you own both.
In that case, you'd just swap the chest part for the one where the two breasts are touching each other's.
3 months ago
Probably going to pass on this, since they are both in the same base, but won't really decide until she is announced for pre-order
4 months ago
She looks so adorable! I will be definitely keeping my eye on her and her buddy! Misaki Kurehito always does awesome work!
5 months ago
Looks like a version of Saber :3
5 months ago
please give us squeezy boobies option to display both as the artwork shows them <3
5 months ago
More Misaki Kurehito figures, nothing wrong with that! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this pair.
5 months ago
Will go great with my racing Fates.
5 months ago