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Fate/EXTRA - Saber EXTRA - 1/7 - Type-Moon Racing ver. (Plusone, Stronger)Fate/EXTRA - Saber EXTRA - 1/7 - Type-Moon Racing ver. (Plusone, Stronger)

Fate/EXTRA - Saber EXTRA - 1/7 - Type-Moon Racing ver. (Plusone, Stronger)
Scale & Dimensions
1/7  H=240mm (9.36in, 1:1=1.68m)
Release date
06/2018 As Limited + Exclusive
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Orders via Plusone and AmiAmi can be placed between the 29th july 2017 from 9:00JST to the 30th November 2017 at 24:00JST


Guy9394 (6 hours ago) #36387297got a email from N-Y saying she's delayed to July
Damn nearly all my June orders got delayed to July, rip
1 hour ago

For those who wants her, this probably last chance for you to get her at normal price.
or else, prepare 25k yen for her aftermarket price in 1 month if you are rich

Hope this will help who wants her
6 hours ago
got a email from N-Y saying she's delayed to July
6 hours ago
Is she delayed? Only a few days left in June
1 day ago
Klon Solo Rei basta!
Josine (4 months ago) #30989209They should've given her Saber Bride colours, maybe I would've ordered her then. This red is just too similar to Rin.

I understand your point but in my opinion for the Roman Saber Nero the "Rosso corsa" is just the ideal color.
2 days ago
please come out this month ;_;
11 days ago
LittleMissTina (15 days ago) #35499587Is someone giving up a preorder?

I am! I have it on preorder with AmiAmi and I'm asking at cost ($116) + international shipping which will be split between like 20+ people because I ran box splits + domestic shipping to you so three invoices. Feel free to pm me!
11 days ago
Is someone giving up a preorder?
15 days ago
Reizumo (2 months ago) #32814148It's pretty much guaranteed she'll be delayed. Rin was pushed back and I don't see them releasing Nero just one month after her...
I'm just sad as I've been looking forward to Nero the most!

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed what ever slowed Saber/Rin down might not affect Nero as I'd really like to complete the set next month. I am however prepared for a potential 2-4 month delay.
1 month ago
I hope her face ends up looking better. It’s the only thing keeping me from getting her. :(
1 month ago
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