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2419 days agoBilRadBilRad
hahahahaha finally best trap got his own nendoroid

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010 days agoNiyariNiyari
*insert passive aggressive comment suggesting gender*
216 days agoGrumbacherGrumbacher
116 days agoElise_GrimwaldElise_Grimwald
Shinkaii (16 days ago) #24139322Where did you read that?:o

GSC's own facebook [ext link ]

And in some cases, I even have to wonder if they know Astolfo is a guy, given they called him a her. But whatever, an Astolfo nendoroid is awesome regardless.
016 days agoShinkaiiShinkaii
Elise_Grimwald (17 days ago) #24108548it is sad it is only based on requests from the voice actress

Where did you read that?:o
217 days agoElise_GrimwaldElise_Grimwald
I am thrilled they are making a nendoroid of him, though it is sad it is only based on requests from the voice actress. They hate male Fate figures that much, I guess.
But anyway, he's definitely a must for me, I had to pass on the scale because he was too much money and I was too late. I hope they give him good poses. :)
217 days agomeganeboymeganeboy
thank you jesus for best boy
118 days ago (18 days ago)blixabrandoblixabrando
i hope we get prototype pics of him soon....
118 days agoShizukageShizukage
Best girl right there
318 days agonomimushinomimushi
there is a god
719 days agohyperassasin95hyperassasin95
this character deserves more figures !

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