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Yuri!!! on Ice - Katsuki Yuuri - Nendoroid #849 - Casual Ver. (Orange Rouge)

Yuri!!! on Ice - Katsuki Yuuri - Nendoroid #849 - Casual Ver. (Orange Rouge)
Scale & Dimensions
H=100mm (3.9in)
Release date
05/2018 As Standard
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Comments118 comments

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4 months ago
haro mizu no akashi
Good Smile is the real MVP. They're the only figure company that remotely acknowledges that Yuuri is the damn protagonist of the series.

Other companies are like "uh who's Yuuri, here's yet another Victor."

(That being said I do hope they make a Phichit eventually.)
4 months ago
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The fact that he has such a long preorder period makes me hope that they plan to put Victor up for preorder before it finishes - I'd like to order them both from the GSC shop to get the bonus while saving on shipping.
8 days ago
God bless to these two behind the "Yuri made possible in all shape n forms to all" Kamui As Sculptor, Nendoron As Sculptor
12 days ago
All the official pics GSC are releasing of Yuri and Victor out exploring scenery and stuff are incredibly adorable. Don't stop GSC, keep it coming. Keep going until I actually die from the cuteness. I'm already half dead from it already, holy kawaii........
15 days ago
AnimeGuruma (27 days ago) #28679099Same, probably has to do with how the coat outfit wasn't memorable aside from the first episode for me and that the alcohol bottle never really took part in any scene?
It would've been better if they made him in a casual outfit with a blue hoodie on or made a drunk version from the gala.

More outfit ideas for the next 'Miku' character of GSC
24 days ago
AshuriiKareshi Mrs Shigaraki
This is probably going to be my fav Yuuri nendo (I love casual Yuuri more then skating Yuuri) but I do wish he came with 1 more faceplate. But I guess I can always use one from the other 2 nendos
26 days ago
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I'd say both skating Yuuris are better nendoroids and I wish the drunk expression weren't so similar to the smile from the FS version, but this one's cute enough so I preordered it anyway. At least that coat can be used for the #iconic airport scene
27 days ago
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