Clannad - Furukawa Nagisa - Nendoroid  (#869) (Good Smile Company)Clannad - Furukawa Nagisa - Nendoroid (#869) (Good Smile Company)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Clannad - Furukawa Nagisa - Nendoroid  (#869) (Good Smile Company)
Scale & Dimensions
H=100mm (3.9in)
Release date
06/21/2018 As Standard
Japanese32,922 hits • 207 comments69 likes



Goodsmile Shop bonus
- a Great Dango Family (Red and Yellow) PICTURE #1883782

Orders via Goodsmile Online Shop can be placed between the 21th December 2017 (Thu) from 12:00JST and the 1st March 2018 (Thu) at 12:00JST.


In stock @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥8,990)
Brand New! => CLANNAD - Nagisa Furukawa [Nendoroid 869]
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Selling her BNIB for $60 + Shipping. PM if interested. Pending Sale
2 days ago
figurejunkie201 month ago#91238578People don’t know. They can speculate based off past trends. But, there’s always a chance she could get re-released, and the best way to make that chance higher is to let GSC know that we want her. If everyone has the mind frame of “she will never be released”, then we will all never have her or pay $250+ for her. I know SO many people who want this Nendo. I track her on Mercari, and every time she gets listed (about once a month), she is sold immediately, and it is never for less than $200 now. If enough people want her, which seems obvious, I think we will see her one day. The word just has to reach GSC. If they get enough requests, they aren’t going to pass on the opportunity to make money. Clannad was an incredibly popular anime, and anything could happen. :)
Edit: I mean, I will admit it is not incredibly likely. Just wanted to add that in case someone wants to comment on their high horse with information I probably already know.

I’m selling her for €70, check my ad
16 days ago
I sent in a request recently as well! I would love to have her since there isn't alot of clannad merch out there :(
18 days ago
selling her for €70
20 days ago
dango dango dango dango dangIT GSC RE-RELEASE HER ALREADY ;^;
21 days ago
Still desperately looking for the dango family bonus. I wouldn't mind buying another Nagisa Aslong as she comes with the pre-order bonus. But since I already own her Nendoroid I don't wanna pay too much for another one. PM me if you sell the bonus Dangos or Nagisa together with the bonus!! EU only
26 days ago
Rlly hope they rerelease her...submitted the GSC request form
26 days ago
In stock @ Neokyo
Today, 4390 yen on Amazon Japan.
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Only ¥250 fee, 45 days free storage.
figurejunkie20 ps4gamerlady22
Lucrithian1 month ago#91302073One claim per person does not mean much :/
However, we may be able to submit multiple claims over a period of time, XD
The hope that other interested parties submit a request still exists and is desirable!
Let Nagisa's spirit of perseverance awaken ... :)

That’s why we have to spread the word. If each person who submits on here contacts five friends who do the same thing, then that’s 36 submissions already (I think 6 people sent in requests).
1 month ago