Eromanga Sensei - Yamada Elf - Nendoroid (Good S...Eromanga Sensei - Yamada Elf - Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)




© Good Smile Company / Media Factory / Fushimi Tsukasa / Kanzaki Hiro

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2018 days agoquirowquirow
But I want it NOW!!

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016 days agoBrizzlePizzleBrizzlePizzle
My adorable panty flashing, nude pianist! So excite!
017 days agodelonhodelonho
*rolls rolls rolls* WANT WANT WANT
217 days agoExisionaryExisionary
I didn't think there would be more nendos for eromanga, so glad she's Yamada is the next to get one ^.^
018 days agoMalo1234Malo1234
018 days agoghostmuffinghostmuffin
thank goodness ;_; GSC you done good this time around!
018 days agoCuradoCurado
Yep, Yep. Now I have to buy them both.
018 days agomintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Oh my god I'm really happy! Totally getting her too!
2018 days agoquirowquirow
But I want it NOW!!
018 days agoKanonKanon
She's going to be so cute!!
018 days agoMyondazeMyondaze
Yay I'm so happy she got one too!!


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