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Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir - Mercedes - Parfom (Pha...Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir - Mercedes - Parfom (Phat Company)




© Atlus / Phat Company / Vanillaware / Toona Kanshi

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415 days agogoliathfasagoliathfasa
Everyone here order 5 of this each when PO opens, so they'll fast track Velvet.

Everyone here order 10 of Velvet once she's available, and MAYBE... just MAYBE, they'll give us Oswald and Cornelius.

117 days agoBunniLoopBunniLoop
Yesss I was so hoping for more Parfoms of this line! Now don't forget about them boys and we're good
018 days agokokonoekokonoe
YES !!!!!
018 days agomgphyothantmgphyothant
Can't see very well need more turn around pictures.
318 days agoMiru_MirtMiru_Mirt
Can I dream about Oswald then? Please, don't stop to make these!
118 days agoAldenaAldena
All my dreams are becoming reality this wonfest ;o; She look SO CUTE
018 days agoAquaAqua
Perfect, she's so adorable! Give me Mercedes!!!
318 days agogoliathfasagoliathfasa
F***. YES.

Insta buy. Bring on the rest.


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