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Made in Abyss - Mitty - Nanachi - 1/8 (FREEing)
Scale & Dimensions
1/8  L=200mm (7.8in)  H=80mm (3.12in, 1:1=0.64m)
Release date
08/28/2018 As Standard
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considering selling this, like new. 150 euro . shipping to europe mostly and to be determined
14 days ago
If anyone is selling her! Pls pm! Reasonable prices pls ;-;
26 days ago
If anyone is selling and ships to Australia pm me! :D
27 days ago
Selling mine for 145.
1 month ago
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misssi791 year ago#51887594Thats fine but I'll still say her

I may have quoted the wrong comment. This is for HaruKaze and is meant for awareness. It is not an attack.

I have over ten friends who share my love for Made in Abyss and Nanachi, and every single one of us refers to Nanachi as “she”. Regardless of what the author’s intentions were when creating the character, I would say that the VAST majority of people inherently think of Nanachi as a female, without even giving it a second thought. Never at any point while watching that anime, did I question or second guess that maybe I should go double check the gender of any of the characters. Nanachi was human before she was a hollow, and unless I am mistaken, she was a female. It’s basic human nature to think in terms of male/female or he/she, as almost all living creatures, including humans, are typically identified genetically by their sex. If the author intended Nanachi to be gender neutral, that’s awesome. I love her all the same. Nanachi is Nanachi. However, I can’t help but point out and defend against the blatant self-righteous, almost condescending nature of this response. There is no reason to jump on someone’s comment because you felt the need to politically correct them over something so utterly trivial. In my opinion, it felt like that response was a progressive social agenda being pushed, which was unnecessary to even bring up in the first place. It was completely forced into the conversation. Nobody was even discussing the topic of gender, much less attacking any specific view. We are here for anime and figures to escape from the real world, not to be drug back into it with political agendas of all things.
Not everyone is going to cater to your ideas and feelings all the time, and when they don’t, that doesn’t always mean that they are wrong. They have a right to hold their own opinion, even if it differs or is more rigid than yours. Finally, although people may offend you at times, the reality of life is that no one is obligated to care about your feelings or opinions. As long as you are confident in your beliefs, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else has to say about a topic.
3 months ago
Poor poor Mitty.
9 months ago