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Original Character - Skytube - Hermaphroditos - 1/6 (Alphamax)Original Character - Skytube - Hermaphroditos - 1/6 (Alphamax)

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Original Character - Skytube - Hermaphroditos - 1/6 (Alphamax)
Scale & Dimensions
1/6  H=255mm (9.95in, 1:1=1.53m)
Release date
06/2019 As Standard
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franjandar (1 year ago) #25247857I really hope that you can cover her up, since my parents visit often it would be hell to put er away every time they visit...

I hope you can uncover her and see that head...
1 year ago
I LOVE the little/authentic touches:
> Those familiar with Greek mythology will recognize the apple she holds in her right hand as almost certainly being in reference to a golden apple of the Hesperides which was presented to the one with the most fairest of beauty. (Sorry, Aphrodite... Looks like the narrative has changed). Her loose-hanging clothing likely refers to how the candidates ended up disrobing to convince the judge of their beauty.
> Note how the white flowers have both male and female parts.
> Her left breast's softness is emphasized by the compressed areas around her fingers which delicately press inward. Although some of the preview images show these depressions misaligned with her fingers, I'm hopeful that the finished design will have this fixed.
> The loose-hanging clothing and raised right heel strongly evoke the pose and design of an ancient Greek sculpture.
> The sculptor stays true to Ban's art style in regards to the modestly-proportioned male part.

Without a doubt, this is easily the most tasteful and artistic futanari-themed figure I've ever laid eyes on. Given how pleased I am with the quality of Alice, my first Alphamax figure, I will undoubtedly be pre-ordering Hermaphroditos the moment she's available.
4 months ago
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Is it just me or is time moving slower since I pre-order? :(
6 days ago
nhlegg (12 days ago) #41189025So desk mat and wall scroll?
Say free postage anyone know if it apply s to international orders ?

Desk mat and postcard. AFAIK Melonbooks doesn't make direct international shipments, you need forwarder in Japan.
12 days ago
nhlegg (12 days ago) #41189025So desk mat and wall scroll?
Say free postage anyone know if it apply s to international orders ?

Trying to figure this out as well.
12 days ago
sme3 (13 days ago) #41140271Melonbooks selling her with B4 desk mat

So desk mat and wall scroll?
Say free postage anyone know if it apply s to international orders ?
12 days ago
Melonbooks selling her with B4 desk mat
13 days ago
kuroshiz (20 days ago) #40761604Also I'm not sure if I'm just being super fussy but is the penis placed just.. way too low? ><
Not just you. From the shots it does seem a bit low.
18 days ago
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