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Youjo Senki - Tanya Degurechaff - 1/7 (Chara-Ani, Toy's Works)Youjo Senki - Tanya Degurechaff - 1/7 (Chara-Ani, Toy's Works)

Youjo Senki - Tanya Degurechaff - 1/7 (Chara-Ani, Toy's Works)
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08/2018 As Unknown
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Not the most exciting pose but at least she's wearing, y'know, clothes. Seems like they nailed the expression too.
1 month ago
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A little scared. I'm not a big fan of toy's works..
23 days ago
Very stiff pose. Even though I'd prefer to have a figure of her in her uniform, ITEM #604888 looks much more interesting pose-wise.
1 month ago
I agree....looks a bit too stiff and unnatural as well~
1 month ago
Looks too bland. Maybe if she was in her battle gear, she would look cool.
1 month ago
still waiting for a prototype T^T
3 months ago
Esper01 (7 months ago) #24188707Please be in Manga/Novel style.

True! Imma smash that PO button!
6 months ago
Instant Pre-order
6 months ago
I'm so excited!!! <3
7 months ago
KyokiPon (7 months ago) #24186126Wonder why all the announcements came
after months of the anime finished airing
XP is there gonna be a season 2 anytime
Soon? Usually a figure releases when
the anime's on its peak of popularity

Usually, yes, but not always. Sometimes they announce figures before or while a show is airing because they think it'll be a hit. Other times they wait until it's already finished before deciding to make figures.

There's a degree of risk either way. If they commit to a figure early and the show didn't do well, they could lose a lot of money from lack of interest. Prototyping goods can get very expensive. If they're late to the game they're guaranteed to sell less figures because the hype wave of the series airing is already gone by the time they get pre-orders up.
7 months ago
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