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Dioramansion 150 - Halloween (Good Smile Company, PLM)

Dioramansion 150 - Halloween (Good Smile Company, PLM)
Scale & Dimensions
W=150mm (5.85in)  L=150mm (5.85in)  H=150mm (5.85in)
Release date
08/28/2017 As Standard
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agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Will be selling when my order arrives from AnimeBLVD next week. PM me.
1 month ago
Finally got my background set on Friday and put it together today. I'm super impressed by the high quality of the print for the backdrop and ground. The colours are very vibrant and it's such a cute Halloween scene. I always love the Japanese cartoon cute take on Halloween art designs.

My big issue, though, is that you only get exactly enough clips to put the set together. That's 9 clips to hold the base together and each side of the background together. It's pretty tricky to get everything lined up and the instructions are microscopic on the back of the box. I felt like I was flying a bit blind with the technique. Eventually I got some help holding the pieces together to clip them, but first trying on my own I managed to somehow warp one of the clips so it's now too wide to hold the sets together. Thankfully the other 8 are fine and it's ok to miss one or two, but seriously?? Give us an extra clip or two just in case! For the price I'm pretty annoyed about that. Not sure if I can maybe blow dry it or use pliers to push the shape back, but I guess at least it didn't snap in half.

I have quite a few Halloween themed Nendoroids that I can use with this set: the two versions of Melissa Seraphy, the Code Pumpkin Miku, Halloween Miku and the new Halloween Witch Nendoroid More set. Pretty excited to let them all have a turn with the background. (^_^)

My advice to anyone who wants this set: it's super high quality so it's worth it, but get someone to help you hold the pieces when you put it together because the clips are a bit fragile and finicky!
2 months ago
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