Shakugan no Shana - Shana - Fine Scenery - 1/8 (Toranoana)Shakugan no Shana - Shana - Fine Scenery - 1/8 (Toranoana)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Shakugan no Shana - Shana - Fine Scenery - 1/8 (Toranoana)
Scale & Dimensions
Release date
05/2007 As Standard
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SELLING HER AT MY EBAY www.ebay.com/it...
1 year ago
searching her, preferably EU. Paying a fair price
1 year ago
Selling her with box in great condition only displayed

Please PM me if serious only I have an ad up for her in my shop

Shipped from the USA if international there will be a high fee for postage.
3 years ago
Does anyone else have her abdomen cast off issue? She is very easily detatchable at the waist or is it just mine ? :<
4 years ago
materix01 Lv. 10 Dictator

8850 JPY AmiAmi B/C
4 years ago
How do I get one of this? Is anyone selling it? Please PM me.
6 years ago
Selling this figure if anyone is interested. Free shipping for anyone in the USA. PM me if you're interested.
7 years ago
Get her today ^.^
7 years ago
Wildstar8 years ago#69213220K, I guess people really like that hair ekizo.mandarake...

Woah damn and I could've had her for 3k yen ;~;
7 years ago
If you want to sell her ,please PM me.
7 years ago