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Persona 3 FES - Aegis - SIF EX - Maid ver. (Yamato)
Scale & Dimensions
H=275mm (10.73in)
Release date
09/2012 As Standard
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I missed her last year so I'm happy that I finally got her. She's a pretty figure, and I especially like her face.
2 years ago
Looking for her.
2 years ago
Selling her out of space issues for 40€ without shipping, displayed but in perfect condition. :) SALE #98547
3 years ago
Still not sure why her price tanked nor why she gets all of this shade thrown at her. She looks beautiful as do all of my Yoshizawa Mitsumasa figures.
4 years ago
4 years ago
As time goes on I wish they made the other P3 girls in their maid outfits in the same scale, she stands out so much but I'd like her to have a companion. Still love her though.
4 years ago
Just received her today. She looks pretty good for a Yamato figure. She'll go great next to my other maids, especially 1/6 scales. She's pretty tall.
4 years ago
She just arrived and (despite a mini heart attack due to the mailman DROPPING THE PACKAGE) she's fantastic ;v; her face is lovely, definitely better looking than in pictures, and she's super tall to boot.
The only issue I have so far is the fact that she looks kind of weird when not seen from the side due to leaning a bit- mind that I don't mean the sort of leaning figures do after a while, she's just made that way so to be looked at sideways, I guess. picture/592312&... it can be seen here.
5 years ago
mandarake 4000 JPY ekizo.mandarake...
5 years ago
eecomics5 years ago#2439606I found mine looks better in person as well, I originally thought the face was a bit off but now that I have her in person looks more like her, especially than the original Kotobukiya release.

Exactly my thoughts! She looks so lovely in person! :D
5 years ago