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Digimon Tamers - Dukemon - D-Arts (Bandai)
Scale & Dimensions
H=160mm (6.24in)
Release date
08/24/2012 As Standard
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selling, Pm with offers
2 years ago
Looking for him, if you have one on sale at a reasonable price in the US pm me...
5 years ago
Have a complete in good condition D-Arts Dukemon for sale, no box. PM me.
6 years ago
Anyone here happen to have ideas on how to tighten his weird knee joints? Mine has such stupidly loose knees and it really bums me out.
8 years ago
now, will they make D-Arts Grani as limited Tamashii?
8 years ago
Taking my first swing at D-Arts! C'mon AmiAmi--take my money, I want him already!
9 years ago
Just got him today. The stand falls apart a lot.
9 years ago
Got him today! Love the figure, but it was a pain the little flair on his helmet. Also the stand kept coming apart while I was posing. Still a great figure!
9 years ago
waiting for mine to arrive too!
Now they have to reissue Omegamon!
9 years ago
...and paid! Now to wait for his arrival~
9 years ago
Bringing the hobby to your door.


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