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Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII - Vincent Valentine - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)

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Yeah, so I can't wait to see this painted.... I feel like this is going to be the best one by a long shot!!!
1 month ago
This was the Vincent I was truly waiting for regardless of the fact that I already own all the Play Arts and Play Arts Kai (minus any variants).

Regardless of all the naysayers who mindlessly compare Dirge of Cerberus with fully established third-person shooters and bash it to hell, I've loved this design the most because it is a very artistic and unique style for him thanks to Tetsuya Nomura's (and Co.) creativity.

I thought the improved Advent Children Play Arts Kai reminded me of him already and now that this is coming out I'm going to look into this!
1 month ago
With the expansion into both Crisis Core and Dirge, I really hope they produce other characters from both Compilation entries.
2 months ago
In my sleepy and drowsy state, I screamed "VINCENT!" upon seeing this...
My broody babe clad in red... How I've love you...
2 months ago
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