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Patrick W. Galbraith - The Otaku Encyclopedia (Kodansha)Patrick W. Galbraith - The Otaku Encyclopedia (Kodansha)

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In English. Forward by Frederik L. Schodt.


I read this and Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential. The Otaku Encyclopedia was...okay.
Tbh, I enjoyed Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential more than this book :/ (But that's just me~)
4 years ago
It is an okay book not as good as I thought. It is a fun read but haven't touched it in years. I knew quite a bit of things years ago from a Japanese member on animesuki. He shared with us things that were not known in 2003. This book has too much on Danny Choo, to be he adds nothing to to this genre at all. I was shocked not to see Touhou mentioned at all. The silly Moe art pictures on every page is really annoying.
5 years ago
sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
Huh - I'm acutely surprised this isn't good. I saw it at my local Barnes&Noble at one time and thought I wanted it. But, it sounds like something I would regret buying now :/
6 years ago
ikr. so much ero stuff. not alot of moeAtikalthis book isn't that great. >.>
7 years ago
this book isn't that great. >.>
7 years ago
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