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Original Character - Inran do S Fukei Akiko - 1/6 (A+)Original Character - Inran do S Fukei Akiko - 1/6 (A+)

Original Character - Inran do S Fukei Akiko - 1/6 (A+)
Scale & Dimensions
1/6  H=280mm (10.92in, 1:1=1.68m)
Release date
01/31/2018 As Standard
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Thought I'd post an update about the missing panties. They have arrived!
NY responded quickly and it didn't take too long before they had a replacement part from A+, which they shipped together with another order I had.
2 months ago
Got mine today and I'm really disappointed with the quality. Is A+ usually this bad?
3 months ago
In Stock goo.gl/U3tVwH 179€

Product original! Ship to italy 7€ shit to UE 30€
3 months ago
Bompen (3 months ago) #31101583Got the figure today. It's a pretty decent figure, but unfortunately the panties were missing. I've submitted a ticket with NY and hope they can help, but maybe I will have to contact A+, since the box was sealed and it was probably never there.
I was hoping the torso and the lower body were two separate parts, so the topless part could be put on the standing legs with the skirt. Would have given it a few more options for posing. :)
The paint job is definitely better than in the Moeyo pics people mentioned earlier. Those pics looked more like a hand painted figure made for that occasion.
Edit: A couple of minor issues that I noticed.
I didn't have any fishnet coming out from under the foot, like chirp has, but the stocking is slightly twisted on mine. The seam that is running down her calf doesn't align perfectly with the heel. Maybe she was in a rush when she was getting dressed?
The peg on the standing part fits nicely in the base, but the peg on the crouching part is too small, which makes the figure wobble a bit.
chirp (3 months ago) #31073763Mostly good, though week in some places:
- The mouth is just not-quite-right, so looks a bit odd
- The handcuffs don't seem to want to stay in her hands, which is annoying; I may have to use some double-sided tape
- Her left-leg fishnet material comes out from under her foot into the base clip (you can see in one of the photos I just uploaded)
- The paint colour on her uniform is just a little too pastel-pale for my liking. I'd prefer it a little more vividly purple
- The removable 'pantsu' vaginal cover slip, doesn't quite fit snugly, so hangs down a bit under her buttocks
Otherwise, the materials are really good quality, the paint job is good, and when on display, the mouth isn't as bad as when up close. Oh, and it comes with some little stickers to add pubic hair, if that's your thing...
I'm no photographer. These were taken with a cheap lamp and my mobile phone, but I uploaded a bunch for you.

Got mine now. I agree with most points you two have mentioned. The quality is good and luckily I have not noticed any problem with the stockings or missing undies. The only gripe I have is with the private parts. I feel that the level of detail of the private parts lacking in comparison with the rest of the figure. They could have painted it similar to the other Oda non figures by other brands.
3 months ago
chirp (3 months ago) #31101689Thanks for the feedback. What about getting her to hold the cuffs? Have you managed a secure way of doing that?
It wasn't easy, but after a few tries I finally found a way. I took a pic just now and uploaded it.
The cuffs have been in that position for a few hours now. They have even stayed in place while I have changed between the different bodies.
3 months ago
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