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Release date
08/2018 As Limited + Exclusive
18+, B2
Japanese7,205 hits • 15 comments12 likes



Given to Japanese customers that purchased both ITEM #117973 and ITEM #117974


Asagoe Mad Magician ✨
8,600 yen Suruga-ya www.suruga-ya.j...

8,800 yen Yahoo Auctions page.auctions.y...
1 year ago
Looking for this in the US. Pm me if you're selling.
1 year ago
This thing goes for 200
1 year ago
Finally found a decently priced one!! ♥ I’m so excited to receive it.
1 year ago
siufeco625 Platinum
Tell me!!!! Whoever is selling this
1 year ago
Asagoe Mad Magician ✨
Found one on suruga-ya - 5k yen

1 year ago
I saw a few of these on Y! Japan but for crazy prices ($150 USD+)
1 year ago
if anyone decides to sell this let me know!
1 year ago
Really want this one ♡
1 year ago