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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Proplica - Replica - Prism Heart Compact (Bandai)
Scale & Dimensions
W=70mm (2.73in)
Release date
08/24/2018 As Limited + Exclusive
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Orders via Tamashii Webshop can be placed between the 9th March 2018 from 13:00JST to the 22nd May 2018 at 23:00JST.

Requires three LR44 batteries.


In stock @ Figuya (89.90€)
direct link: figuya.com/en/p...
This is the most disappointing Proplica and I thought the holy grail was the worst.

The one I got has three major flaws. Outside, on the side, there’s a tiny hole. Inside the Proplica, there are several white lints in the heart mirror, where Neo Queen Serenity appear. Also, inside the gold border has a chip .

The Proplica gets easily scratched.
1 year ago
snow_hime2 years ago#40639085Mine arrived full of scratches....good job bandai.!!! Ad usual you disppointed me!!!
My compact came from BBTS and it had one minor scratch, paint chipped, and finally, dust [I believe?] on the bottom where Usagi pops up. I guess it's a way to keep and honor Bandai. :)
1 year ago
Mine arrived full of scratches....good job bandai.!!! Ad usual you disppointed me!!!
2 years ago
Available for pre-order @ Solaris Japan
Available for pre-order @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥8,890)
Now on Pre-Order!
=> Follow the Link
~68,92€ / ~$85.90
The effects looks really nice, esp the Neo Queen one, its kinda weird to see her with the past Silver Millennium though.
2 years ago
Oh dang. Limited and exclusive again? I guess everything Bandai releases is going to be freaking Premium Bandai now. ~_~ I've been enjoying collecting the Proplica compacts and I've bought everyone that came out so far, but this one is really pricey. I paid $100 for the Cosmic Heart but this one will cost at least $130 from Nippon-Yasan. Will have to think if this one is worth it. I paid less for the first few wands so for a locket this really hurts the wallet. o_o
2 years ago
Lazuli Sailor Muteki
At the very least this came with a display stand. That had me worrying for a while since the stand that I used for the earlier 2 compacts are no longer being sold in my country :/
2 years ago
Aimaileafy2 years ago#29204661My exitement for this is actually a bit low, since... well Bandai. I hope this will not have the wrong music AGAIN.
If they screw up the music part again then Bandai is beyond hope, for real. But I am optimistic, all Proplicas had the correct sound so far. But I sure hope the S Movie transformation sound is included as well and not just the regular S series one which is like, a few seconds. I love that movie transformation sequence !

Anyway, I am positive this will look and sound great -.^.
2 years ago
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