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Overwatch - D.Va - Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)

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Kept you waiting, huh?

5 days ago
AshuriiKareshi Mrs Shigaraki
It's going to end up like Genji and Hanzo isn't it. Where people on here saying 'what if its fake' and then tomorrow we get an email with images saying that shes up for po
5 days ago
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Ok, Good Smile have only 2 options here... or they make a really great nendoroid, or this is going to be one big mess. There's nothing in the middle, there just can't be.
20 minutes ago
AshuriiKareshi Mrs Shigaraki
I know nendoroids should never ban compared to pop funkos but I think it's relevant here

I honestly think this would be cool. But I think if they did do it like this then she should have 2 versions. One of just D.Va (standard nendoroid) and then one with her mech.

But if they did one with a nendoroid mech and tiny D.Va it would be like D.Vas pop funko (but better XD)

Rapierre (1 day ago) #29633107lol people speculating about the mech
what if it's actually a nendo meka and there's a tiny unremovable Dva inside lmao
17 hours ago
lol people speculating about the mech

what if it's actually a nendo meka and there's a tiny unremovable Dva inside lmao
1 day ago
//rubs my gay little hands together//
official announcement and art soon pls
2 days ago
lofung (5 days ago) #29482263thats why we cant have good things. fuck them dumbasses

Thanks for your colorful language.

Still no announcement tho?
2 days ago
《 I play to win! No one can beat my high score! ⚠ 》
3 days ago
weeb lexiechan
omg ive been waiting for you bby
4 days ago
Aimathyst TOM Affiliate
As a filthy D.Va main, I need at least 20.
4 days ago
4 days ago
Shaerileth (5 days ago) #29482643She'll be like, 8,000 yen if she comes with her mech. If she doesn't, we'll see a nendo more mech...guarantee it.

if you take the kirby one for reference, she will be more of them due to the license fees involved, unless blizzard is the one who beg gsc to make it.
5 days ago
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