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Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - 1/6 - Nishimura Collection (Max Factory)Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - 1/6 - Nishimura Collection (Max Factory)

Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - 1/6 - Nishimura Collection (Max Factory)
Scale & Dimensions
1/6  H=350mm (13.65in, 1:1=2.1m)
Release date
07/2009 As Standard
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skytoast (3 years ago) #2547066A lot of people consider this figure their "HOLY GRAIL". Well, I no longer do. It's gone up in value... 1/6th scale of a clump of plastic... I'd have to quit this hobby for good because my sanity (insanity) has gotten the better of me.
I think quitting this hobby for you may be for the best if that's how you're going to be.

A Holy Grail should be a figure that means a lot, not one that costs a lot or isn't worth much. The price should be the last factor of a Holy Grail IMO. Owning an expensive figure like this just adds to the pride of the owner which, I don't blame them. She's utterly gorgeous.
3 years ago
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Thick tights ! Would love to get her 1 day :)
1 month ago
2 months ago
Pre-owned B/- condition at 30.5K. jfigure.com/ind...
No box. Smudges on the left hip area and the left index finger (See the photos). Yellowing and dirt on the base.
9 months ago
Pre-owned A-/B condition at 32.8K. The peg for the right wing is broken. Other than that, the figure is kept in good condition. The box has some damage and yellowing.


10 months ago
Such a beautiful figure.
1 year ago
Hello, i'm looking for this figure, please pm me, thanks.
1 year ago
maxlinkmax (1 year ago) #24530925I've gotta admit I got her way back when she first released and at that time I was just a noob collector. I didn't care which company made the figure or which sculptor made the prototype......etc. I just went with one rule: if that character's my waifu, I buy it disregard its quality. Kinda surprised me how her price got a major raise. I'm not planning on selling her. I'm just curious about the reason that this one ended up being super expensive. Is it simply because of under-supply!? or is there more than under-supply?Well, I can only give my personal opinion on why she's so expensive. Here goes!

1) Morrigan is a well known and iconic video game character, kind of like Chun Li or Lara Croft.

2) This is arguably the best figure of her by far, all of the other Morrigan figures are low quality or have something wonky with the sculpt. Only exception would be the recently released nurse figure, but it's not as desired because she's not in her classic costume.

3) It's an incredibly well done figure, ESPECIALLY for one made in 2009. I have figures from 2017 that don't hold a candle to this figure's beauty and quality.

4) Since she's close to 10 years old, the supply is quite low. Figure collecting may have been a more niche hobby back then, so there may not have been very many of this figure produced in the first place.
1 year ago
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