Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon - Quetzalcoatl - 1/6 - School Swimsuit ver. (FOTS Japan)Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon - Quetzalcoatl - 1/6 - School Swimsuit ver. (FOTS Japan)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon - Quetzalcoatl - 1/6 - School Swimsuit ver. (FOTS Japan)
Scale & Dimensions
1/6  H=200mm (7.8in, 1:1=1.2m)
Release date
09/27/2018 As Standard
Japanese18,387 hits • 116 comments18 likes



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Really? No one took nice pictures of her?? :/ not even one besides the stock pictures
3 months ago
cshubakka1 year ago#42522883We finally got rid of Griffon

To be honest, this company seems worse than griffon. None of their touhou figures I own are as bad as what I'm hearing about fots. Except for maybe their Reimu. Eergh. Though even that isn't, well, brittle and falling to pieces...
1 year ago
Oof really really bad packaging of FOTS.
First order I ever made of them and it arrived in 25+ pieces...

Ordered it with amazon thankfully so I could replace it as many times as it took to get an okay one.

Would recommend anyone to only order FOTS figures with any kind of guarantee or a used one with good packaging.
1 year ago
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Same problems as many of you guys on here. Packaging was crappy. This was my first experience with FOTS and I hate that they are the only ones making Dragon Maid figures. I just want a Lucoa that isn't a hollow piece of garbage. She has a chunk of her hair broken off and three of her back fingers are snapped off because they had her laying on a pillow of paper in her box against her fingers with 0 other protection. Should cost less than a prize figure with this kind of quality, it is like I am buying a knock off from China. Please somebody else make Dragon Maid figures, I will give you my money.
1 year ago
If anyone is giving away/selling a broken one lmk!
1 year ago
Why do people keep buying FOTS garbage
Just let them die
We finally got rid of Griffon and now people keep pumping money into another garbage company
1 year ago
Just received mine today, her entire left leg was broken off with a big crack across her lower back and a missing fingertip. The quality control is really non-existent. The packaging is the usual FOTS Japan packaging which is probably why they all end up broken.

Her hair and torso are all hollow as well, so with the construction of a chocolate bunny, I am not too surprised she's broken when being that fragile and placed in one of the worst designed boxes ever. Somehow I will have to find a way to exchange or return her.

Macaroni noodle horns are also on the final version, which sucks because they should have stripes and some kind of texture, so she doesn't look like she's just wearing macaroni on her head, but oh well.
1 year ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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