Shingeki no Kyojin - Female Titan - Levi - 1/6 (Oniri Créations)Shingeki no Kyojin - Female Titan - Levi - 1/6 (Oniri Créations)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Shingeki no Kyojin - Female Titan - Levi - 1/6 (Oniri Créations)
Scale & Dimensions
1/6  W=480mm (18.72in)  L=450mm (17.55in)  H=520mm (20.28in, 1:1=3.12m)
Release date
07/2021 As Limited
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Limited to 999 pieces for 579.00 Euros

Available via Oniri Store


Ok. But does he come with a broken ankle?
3 days ago
SmikuSmiku4 months ago#94449496I love this figure so much but I'm so hesitant about buying it...

Don't. Face looks like it was from Corpse Bride.
27 days ago
SmikuSmiku Umbra Witch
I love this figure so much but I'm so hesitant about buying it...
4 months ago
the concept of the figure is pretty iconic but i just think they could've made Levi angrier, he lost his whole squad when this happened lmao
9 months ago
They are hiding and deleting comments about people commenting on the problems with this piece on their fb page... A one sixth scale that is so inaccurate on so many levels, from the unnatural composition that makes no sense, to the flat portrait and the unscaled base, then charging around 700 usd for it lol. They opened waitlists pretty quick and they still are open. I see some companies doing that when their pieces dont sell well initially to try to make people who are unsure buy it. (I tested it and my waitlist converted in about a month!!! that's surely not normal...) I hate missing out on anything related to AoT even if it looks bad but this just assures me even more that I took the right decision.

edit: yeah after a year I caved and ordered it to complete my AoT collection. Baka, I know. But I am planning to build a rotating base because that's the only way to make this piece shine and will try to visually minimize the problems mentioned above
1 year ago
Are pre-orders available?
Edit: Nevermind! I'm shortsighted
2 years ago
Never been so happy about missing something from AoT before.
2 years ago
lmfaooo this is so bad
2 years ago
My profile pic is a good example of my situation right now lol
2 years ago
Eventually OC did not attempt to address the anger of Levi after witnessing death of his squad.
2 years ago
The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.


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