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Original Character - Suzuki Ayana - 1/6 (A+)Original Character - Suzuki Ayana - 1/6 (A+)

Original Character - Suzuki Ayana - 1/6 (A+)
Scale & Dimensions
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10/30/2018 As Standard
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jogle7 (14 days ago) #42986334Any chance for some pictures? Your review has piqued my interest.
This is my first time uploading a pic here so I might have screwed up but here's what I'm talking about regarding the size. All 4 figures in the photo are rated 1/6 scale but she's still taller than all of them even though they are stating straight and she's leaning over.https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Axyun1541380765.jpeg
14 days ago
Axyun (14 days ago) #42977707Pretty happy with it overall.

Any chance for some pictures? Your review has piqued my interest.
14 days ago
Got her in the mail yesterday. She's really big for a 1/6. Even though she's leaning over a bit, she's still taller than most of my other 1/6 figures. She's very leggy.

Was a bit worried at first because it had looked like there was a lot of paint transfer from the apron to the swimsuit but it was more like dust and it wiped easily with a cloth.

Figure had an unexpected cast off that exposes the genitals. its a bit flimsy but it holds in place if you're not messing too much with it. Torso replacement is good but the alternate arm that goes under the breasts does not attach to the arm band very cleanly. Not too noticeable though. The fishnets being actual fishnets and not just painted legs is a big plus. Both the apron and the collar are loose so they can be used in any combination with either torso.

Stylistically, the face is notably flatter than your average figure. More a matter of preference than it being good or bad.

Pretty happy with it overall.
14 days ago
Finally released! Can't wait for my copy to reach home! ^_^
19 days ago
New pictures with castoff @ www.moeyo.com/a...
Now this is getting my full attention...
1 month ago
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Heh, that figure has been delayed from late September to late October (source link).
This is ridiculous. Seriously A+, if you cannot hold on your initial release date to save your life, then just don't give one so soon from the pre-order opening date to begin with! >_<
3 months ago
Moeyo has some tape censored pics. Looks like she has a different pose with the top falling down.
3 months ago
wererat42 (3 months ago) #38344367No preview of cast-off?

I can only find this one (censored) from Nekomagic:

3 months ago
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