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Frame Arms Girl - Gourai - Kai, ver.2 (Kotobukiya)Frame Arms Girl - Gourai - Kai, ver.2 (Kotobukiya)

Frame Arms Girl - Gourai - Kai, ver.2 (Kotobukiya)
Scale & Dimensions
H=135mm (5.27in)
Release date
12/2018 As Standard
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Orders via Kotobukiya will come with a bonus expression and blank faces PICTURE #2030387


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grunt211 (2 months ago) #38146565
Any idea of how much painting will be necessary as well?

Doesn't look like much. Koto is fairly good about color separation and Gourai is mostly one color anyway. Outside of shading, basic panel lining and decals, the most noticeable bits you'll have to add look to be the white stripes on the skirt, the grimy look they gave the treads, and the barrel shroud. I'm not going to bet on there being slides for the brown bits on the side of the gun barrel and I hated putting the stripe decals that probably WILL be included on Stylet, but eh.
2 months ago
Glad to see her hands are on ball joints this time. I'm guessing the art style of the face is more based on the anime, rather than the original art from Humikane Shimada?. Looks like her armor is a bit bulkier and I dig the new cannon design.
Any idea of how much painting will be necessary as well? Ver.1 had enough pre-painted that I was satisfied with how it looked, but if its all a solid color or something that would suck.
2 months ago
New face (yeah!)
New gun (yeah!)
New tits chest plate (yeah!)
Same panties (f*** yeah!)

Considering fact that BD version was blank white color this one will be about the same but khaki color. Painting everywhere. >:(
2 months ago
Oh hello, better hip joints and other improvements! Now I'm glad that I didn't buy the first one.

...though I admit that the first one has nicer eyes.
2 months ago
Hachiyou (2 months ago) #38019684I think FAG (and megami device) came to popularity because of its model kit nature and the 3mm hole compatibility. Turning it into a figma or some sort would defeat the purpose.
More importantly, Koto don't put out any scale action figure, they only have a Cu-poche line which is super deform, Giving the characters to GSC or Bandai is like giving their cash cow to competitors.

I see. But I suck so much at assembling and stuff. I dont like the Desktop army and Cu-poche because she does not have that serious glare the model kit has... :(
2 months ago
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