Yuusha Neptune: Sekai yo Uchuu yo Katsumoku seyo!! Ultimate RPG Sengen!! - Neptune - 1/6 - Pyoiin Ver. (Kadokawa)Yuusha Neptune: Sekai yo Uchuu yo Katsumoku seyo!! Ultimate RPG Sengen!! - Neptune - 1/6 - Pyoiin Ver. (Kadokawa)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Yuusha Neptune: Sekai yo Uchuu yo Katsumoku seyo!! Ultimate RPG Sengen!! - Neptune - 1/6 - Pyoiin Ver. (Kadokawa)
Scale & Dimensions
1/6  H=220mm (8.58in, 1:1=1.32m)
Release dates
10/2019 As Limited + Exclusive
10/2019 As Limited + Exclusive
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Orders via Dengekiya and AmiAmi can be placed from the 28th January 2019 until the 1st April 2019 at 23:59JST.

Dengeki Special Pack includes:
- a B2 tapestry PICTURE #2141268
- an A3 background PICTURE #2141267
- panda slippers PICTURE #2141215


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I'm pretty happy with mine too. Couple minor paint flaws on the bottom of her hoodie but everything else looked great. I do think the base feels extraordinary cheap though. Whether this is worth the money I think depends on how big of a Nep fan you are.
9 months ago
Hmm, all things considering this looks much better than the demo pictures in person now that it's here. It could be just me but I'm happy nonetheless. Plus Neptune isn't being a loli here so it's a huge win.
9 months ago
In stock @ Playasia

Worldwide Shipping!
9 months ago
Xenostar9 months ago#69344991Which version did you end up getting?
I don't think Amiami had anything else but the version without them. Maybe I would've got that one instead if they had it.
9 months ago
Sonaza9 months ago#69312804Amiami sent out a payment request today for this. No delays \o/
Got mine from Nippon-Yassan as well. Really hope it turns out nice. Which version did you end up getting? I went with the regular one. Shipping was alot more for the other one. I couldn't justify the overall cost for a cute pair of slippers and some extras I may not use.
9 months ago
Amiami sent out a payment request today for this. No delays \o/
9 months ago
Ending up doing a lot of thinking on this one and decided the price tag is just not worth it. I love the Neptunia series, but I don't understand how she's priced as highly as she is. Used my saved up money to get Alter's Purple Heart instead and hardly regretting it. I really hope she magically drops in the aftermarket but there's no way in hell that's happening, just another thing to hope to find pre-owned on AmiAmi.
1 year ago
kataklism1 year ago#5545836714k on amiami actually, and well, to be honest for a 1/6 it is actually somewhat cheap(likely due to the kind-of-limited amount of details compared to most 1/6 figures)
No. My 1/6 T'System Reimu and Marisa for 4k, that's somewhat cheap. My Dark Angel Miku which is a prize figure but as big as an 1/6 and actually quite detailed for a prize figure for $28 is definitely cheap. Not as good as this... or wait, looking at the pictures, I don't think this is any more detailed. The paintjob might be better (or not, random QC is a thing) but it doesn't really seem more detailed than most of my prize figures...for 10x the money.
14k+ is expensive, even for an 1/6. Sure we can say every scaled figure is ridiculously expensive nowadays instead of saying this particular one is expensive but that doesn't make the case better. All the scaled figures I own were in the 2-8k price range. Compared to the average of 5k, this costs 3 times more. In fact it costs like 50% more than those 1/4 Lucky Star scales I never bought and those are bigger...
However, I'm desperate enough for non-transformed, non-ecchi Nep figures so I'm going to pray someone makes bootlegs of this so I can actually buy one. I've seen plenty of bootlegs of the others I don't want so there is hope...In fact I could get a 1/8 Noir for $20 if I wanted right now, too bad I'm interested in Nep, Plutia, Ram, Rom and Blanc... and some minor characters who'll never get a figure anyway.
But really, rather than bootlegs I'd prefer to spend my money on decent Nep prize figures if I could...
1 year ago