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NieR: Automata - Pod 042 - YoRHa No. 2 Type B - DX Edition (Flare, Square Enix)NieR: Automata - Pod 042 - YoRHa No. 2 Type B - DX Edition (Flare, Square Enix)

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・Figure (head with mask + body part with skirt on)
・Alternative part (head w/o mask, body w/o heat radiation skirt)
・Virtuous Contract (Sword)
・Pod 042 (34cm tall)
・Bases for 2B & Pod 042


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Butcher (4 months ago) #40675498Adding this spoiler because not everyone is interested in what I have to say, so I don't want to take so much screen space View spoilerHide spoiler
Not trying to offend you, but you are being fooled by their marketing strategy, which is what I am trying to explain.
You keep thinking that there might be a gap between the "Standard" and the "DX". but in reality there is no such thing as "DX".
The "DX" is the standard. It is the product that they initially had in mind to do from the start.
What you are calling the "Standard" is just a substandard. A REAL "DX" would be something with an exclusive poster or acrylic stand/keychain. Something that bundles it to an "extra" that isn't part of the product itself. Calling this a "DX" is just comical. It is the equivalent, though not as ill-intentioned, as selling you a pair of shoes and calling them "DX", while the laceless or sole-less shoe is the "standard".
Not as extreme as the shoe example, neither as evil, it is still nice that they are offering a cheaper alternative, since not everyone might be interested in the "extras".
This is actually the same as if phone companies offered you cellphones that came without chargers / headphones. You might already have dozens of those, but new phones still come with it. You might think it is free, but trust me, they aren't losing a penny when they include those things in with the phones.
So yeah, I hope you understand now that this "DX" is just the standard, and the "standard" is a substandard. The "DX" will cost exactly what the product was planned to cost. And there will be a cheaper alternative called "standard".
What we should really be worried about, is that if they are offering a substandard edition, it is most likely, because they fear that some of the consumers may be pushed back by the standard cost, thus it would be easier to lure these people into buying a substandard edition by making them think that is the standard.
It is also possible that they are offering a substandard edition, because as many other people suggested, the item is store exclusive, thus by calling it "DX" it makes it seem more reasonable to have it be store exclusive.
Anyways, prepare your self for either a hard to order item, or an overly expensive item. But remember, you aren't buying a "DX", you are just paying a lot of money for the standard item.
I have no idea, thus am ignorant, about their licensing and production costs, nor their fixed and variable costs. And I find it nice of them to providing a cheaper alternative if they consider their item to be expensive. At least it makes it available to those that otherwise would not buy it.
What I don't like, is that they are labeling the standard as "DX", there is no direct harm to it, and the action by itself can be excused because they don't want to name the substandard as something bad, so they use "standard", therefore the real standard becomes the "DX".
However, this practice is also a very common way of racking up prices which can be seen quite often with phones.
They release a standard item and brand it as a "DX", while offering you a crappy edition for cheaper. Later on, when their sales indicate that a substantial amount of consumers are buying into their "DX", they will release a new item. Only this time, the new "DX"(standard) will be more expensive, and the crappy edition/"Standard" will be the same price as the "old DX".

Since you are already used to purchasing said item at said price, they are making you feel comfortable with the price, it is the same price as last year after all. But you aren't realizing that this time you are being given less for the same price as before. Over time this creates a trend that makes us comfortable but it is a method to take advantage of consumers by making them pay more for less.
Anyways, I am not saying that Flare nor Square Enix is doing this. I am simply raising awareness. So far they have done nothing more than provide a cheaper alternative to a product that will most likely either be store exclusive, or quite expensive.
Just recall that the "DX" is the standard, there is nothing extra about it. And the "standard" is just a cheaper option to those that are not interested in the many other pieces that the product comes with, or can't afford it. View spoilerHide spoilerIn case that you are one of the people that can't afford it, don't feel bad about buying a substandard edition, it is a reality that life is hard and things are expensive, there are a thousand of cool things out there and we can't afford it all. I myself have some monstrous bills coming up nd have no way of affording everything that I would like to have. There is no shame in that.
They most likely named them like that, because naming the cheaper alternative as substandard, would hurt their sales. And naming a standard as "DX" would probably boost their sales. Which is not inherently ill mannered, they are doing this for profit after all.
Just realize things for what they are, so you don't get tricked by those with ill intentions.
4 months ago
lol I can't stop thinking about her, I even had a dream she went up for pre-orders. The dx price was 19800 and the standard was 16800 and they both weren't exclusives (!)

hoping they announce the real prices this week though
4 months ago
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Wow 2nd :o
29 days ago
Yourwaifuultra (2 months ago) #44128460Wowwww my timing is horrible I pre ordered her two days ago and got like 7.80 in tom points.

Well there is still lots of other stuff available with the point boost. This x50 points even is on all items for premium members. :)
2 months ago
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Wowwww my timing is horrible I pre ordered her two days ago and got like 7.80 in tom points.
2 months ago
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